Welcome to The Sport Pony Connection. We aspire to be a full service pony website with information, classifieds and a score of inspirational stories to share. From young prospects to finished show horses we represent only the best in temperament and appeal, with our goal to match rider to pony and see both excel in their partnership.
We specialize in ponies suitable for combined training. Athletic gentle beauties for the disciplines of Dressage, Hunter, Jumping and Eventing are our goals. We also want an equine partner who we can hop on bareback in an open field and take on a trail ride.
Rideability is our first consideration, the average pony will be ridden by a youth or young adult. These ponies need to be athletic enough to progress with a growing rider, yet forgiving and kind as well.
From short stirrup to ' A'  Circuit Pony Hunter we have many ponies that we are proud to share with you. Please visit our Classifieds and feel free to write us with any questions.
Ponies and their young riders need to have fun as well as structure. We want confident ponies who can do it all. Trail riding, visiting friends, competition, field work and ground work is a big part of our lives. Our ponies are without a doubt fancy and win at the shows, but they also get as much turn out as possible and are exposed to everything and anything.
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